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The SUPERgroup (Security, Usability, & Privacy Education & Research group) is an interdisciplinary research collective comprising dozens of members at the University of Chicago. We work at the intersection of computer security, privacy, and usability, as evidenced by our recent publications. Current projects focus on data-driven methods to improve online security and privacy, as well as improving interaction for both the Internet of Things and machine learning systems. We offer a course (CMSC 23210 / 33210) at UChicago each spring on usable security and privacy.

October 2018 Blase and his collaborators from the CMU password research group shared the 2018 IEEE Cybersecurity Award for Practice for their body of work on password security. In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has chosen to fund our work on increasing the automation capabilities of the Globus research data management platform, which is a collaboration with Ian Foster and Kyle Chard, both of whom hold joint appointments at UChicago and Argonne National Laboratory.
September 2018 The SUPERgroup SUMMERgroup is making its final push to finish projects before the academic year starts. In addition, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has chosen to fund our work on applying formal methods with trigger-action programming, which is a collaboration with Shan Lu and Ravi Chugh at UChicago, as well as Michael Littman at Brown University.
August 2018 Weijia, Max, Miranda, and Ruba gave great talks at USENIX Security and associated workshops. CNET wrote an article about Ruba's paper on secure messaging (with Elissa, Miranda, and Blase).
July 2018 The National Science Foundation (NSF) has chosen to fund our work on long-term security privacy through retrospective data management, which is a collaboration with Elena Zheleva and Chris Kanich at UIC.
July 2018 Our paper on password-reuse notifications will appear at CCS 2018. Congrats Max, Miranda, Juliette, and Lydia, as well as our collaborators Markus and Elissa. Also, our private browsing paper from WWW 2018 continues to get media coverage, most recently in Consumer Reports. Furthermore, the SUPERgroup SUMMERgroup is in full swing!
June 2018 SUPERgroup will be busy in Baltimore this summer. Miranda and Max's work on site-specific trends in password choice, Wei et al., will fittingly appear at the WAY workshop. Weijia, Juliette, and Roshni's work studying the usability of authentication in the home IoT will appear at the WSSP Workshop. A paper from our collaborators Ruba and Elissa, as well as Miranda, on perceptions of E2E encryption will appear at the FOCI workshop. Mainack (and many others) will be presenting an overview of our work on retrospective privacy and security at the SOUPS 2018 Poster Session.
May 2018 Our paper on rethinking access control and authorization for the home IoT will appear at USENIX Security 2018. Congrats to Weijia, Max, Roshni, Jordan, and our collaborators Markus and Earlence.
April 2018 Work led by Will on draining the data swamp will appear at HILDA 2018. Our work on private browsing was covered by Science News and other outlets. In addition, congrats to Claire/Ben, Taha, and Yuxi/Miranda on giving excellent talks at CHI 2018 and WWW 2018.
April 2018 Blase appeared on Chicago's PBS affiliate (WTTW) to discuss online privacy on the Chicago Tonight program.
March 2018 The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Blase a CRII Grant to support the SUPERgroup's work on improving access control and authentication for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Tracking Transparency at PrivacyConFebruary 2018 Ben and Claire presented the Tracking Transparency group's work at FTC PrivacyCon 2018 in Washington, D.C. They were joined at the conference by Blase and Michelle.
February 2018 Blase was honored to receive the 2018 ACM SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award.
December 2017 The SUPERgroup will have two papers at CHI 2018. The first paper investigates how aspects of behavioral targeting impact users' privacy perceptions. Congrats Claire, Ben, Shawn, Min, and Euirim (plus our collaborator Michelle)! The second paper identifies the need for retrospective privacy and security management in cloud storage. Congrats Maria (plus our collaborators Taha and Chris)!
December 2017 Our paper examining how web browsers communicate about private browsing mode will appear at WWW 2018. Congrats Yuxi, Panya, and Miranda (plus our collaborators Yasemin and Sascha)!
December 2017 Blase received a Mozilla Research Grant. Thanks, Mozilla, for supporting the SUPERgroup's work!
Tracking Transparency at SOUPS, Summer 2017July 2017 Team Tracking Transparency won a Distinguished Poster Award at SOUPS 2017. Congrats Aaron, Ben, Claire, Euirim, Min, and Shawn!

If you are potentially interested in working in these or related areas, particularly if you are already at the University of Chicago, please reach out to Blase.